Providing a holistic, healing energy therapy to individuals who are searching for more balance and inner peace for their mind, body and spirit.

Healing Touch of Durango offers sessions for $60. Or, purchase 5 sessions for $240.
Discounts available for military and veterans.

{ Sessions are made by appointment only. Credit cards are accepted. Call 970.749.1673. }


After being diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder I chose to follow a “healthy life” treatment plan instead of a plan that included prescription medications. Along with several lifestyle changes, I included Healing Touch Therapy. Janna Schaefer has been an integral part of my recovery. She is a loving gentle person who cares about her clients. She takes time to understand what is happening with me before each session so she can use her skills to my best benefit. I have found Healing Touch Therapy to be a non-invasion treatment that restores the flow of energy to areas of my body that greatly helps with relaxation, stress reduction, and pain relief. Janna has a natural talent with Healing Touch Therapy and I am truly grateful to be able to receive the benefits of her Healing Touch Therapy sessions. Thank you Janna!

I'm an ovarian cancer survivor who believes in accessing all avenues to maintain strong health. One of these avenues I have used is Healing touch. I've had a number of healing touched sessions with Janna and know that the sessions helped me relax both prior to chemo treatments and after chemo treatments. I believe the positive energy in helped to strengthen my body so that I could get through/survive my chemo treatments. Janna is knowledgeable in the process of healing touch and has a wonderful gift in that her intent to assist a patient is always sincere and caring.